A Satellites Orbit

A Satellites Orbit. 
In response to Jenni Harris‘s MA thesis ‘A Therapists Story.’
This is my story about a story…
Rather than simply pick out specific examples of how Harris has used Arts Therapy procedures in her thesis, I will identify how she has effectively utilized Narrative whilst working with clients. I feel this is of interest and where much adaptation has taken place:
Within the stories being told….within a continuously emergent space….within me as reader and writer…within you as reader and maybe writer…
Is it fair to say, there is perhaps a succession of adaptation through narrative going on here? We each listen to or read what has been spoken or written; process, re-shape, re-tell…and so each narrative evolves and leaves its trace within our consciousness (and I dare say un-consciously as well).
Maybe what connects us all is language; reality is constructed from our interactions…  
In her introduction and in reference to the exploration of her client’s significant events, Harris refers to the process as ‘’ (…) an interpenetrating, reflective practice of both expression and explanation’’ (Harris, pp. iii). I believe Harris has used with great success the Narrative of the client as a vehicle for heuristic research, which in effect seemed to me to connect them both on a deep level, and interestingly, even assisted in ‘’psychic unity’’ (pp. 5) taking place. 
Even from Harris’s descriptive words:
~   Interpenetrating         ~   reflective          ~ expressive             ~ explanatory
…Intuitively and abstractly, I imagine her state throughout much of the research as if she were a satellite in orbit around the client while inquiring: navigating her way around without an exact flight path; acting as a receiver of signalcommunication as well as exchanging …there is distance involved, but she is always close, connected and within gravitational pull. Operating as one, in relation and yet separate as entities… "(…) both in the dark, but in the dark together" (Harris, pp.6).
Can we all be satellites, while we orbit our inquirers; simultaneously giving and receiving?
It seems to me that in fact, the various Arts Therapy procedures utilized by Harris are indeed tools to be used, but of more importance is the story un/winding from within the clients (and her own) inquiry. By listening and engaging through the use of Arts Therapy procedures with the emerging Narrative, Harris assisted her client to integrate and connect to multiple realities; her own, those of her therapists, her family, friends…and ultimately ‘us.’
Harris’s own story as well as her client’s has connected to you and me…
The use of Narrative guided and informed by Arts Therapy procedures simultaneously assisted in both a ravelling and unravelling of life:
If our head is the spindle, then what are the threads?
Where is it they go….and what does it all mean?
Maybe this is everyone’s story…