The Way I Work

Regardless of our education, level of ability, primary language or cultural background: we each have unique ways of interpreting, reading, writing and expressing ourselves through the use of stories. 

What drives me as an artist and researcher is an unrelenting curiosity with the aesthetic of letter forms and symbolism and how these phenomena can be used to describe and represent Narrative.

The methodological framework I use rests on the completion of a Graduate Diploma in Arts Therapy, where I trained in adapting principles from Phenomenological Inquiry and Action Research. This forms an experiential and action oriented mode of engagement that I use across all areas of my arts practice. 

Our aim in a project is to open up ideas and stories associated with the project topic, in a creative, nonjudgmental and safe environment. Applying Action Research principles when working in a group or 1:1 setting encourages experiential learning through dialogue, reflection and participation.

Informing my work as a visual artist and designer is the adaptation of Phenomenological Inquiry methods: text and symbol are observed as phenomena and de/constructed aesthetically, as detailed in the unique textual and symbolic representations I create. 

Phenomenological Inquiry

The concept of Phenomenological Inquiry attends to the idea of subjectivity, particularly how we connect to the world around us and each other. Whether it is a mural, paste up art or conceptual sketches in a workshop; by using processes that focus on the phenomenal aspects of what is being created, it is possible to peel back layers of meaning that connect to important stories for the person or group I am working with. An important aspect of this is with-holding judgment and interpretation when working alongside others. When paired with Action Research methods, this opens the potential for new understanding and dialogue, particularly through the action of making art together. 

Action Research

Action Research provides an amazingly adaptive framework for working with others. An important core premise of Action Research is that research is undertaken between people. This relationship makes it a form of co-research, as opposed to a researcher externally analysing people and representing something about them in separation. In this context, as an arts worker, my aim is to support co-research through facilitating dialogue and reflection with participant's.  It is through this experiential platform view points are described, new ideas represented and meaning making unfolds.

Geographic considerations

Key to the integration of concepts and art works is understanding the spatial environment I am working in. I am curious about the building, object or surface at the center of a project; its history, its use and its future. I pay attention to the phenomenal aspects of architectural and environmental design elements. I visit the site and spend time in situ observing how it is used, by whom and importantly, how it relates to the surrounding geography.

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